"Brilliant childcare services" by Otilia on 10/06/2018

"Lisa is a fantastic childminder and child oriented services provider. We wanted for our daughter to spend a few hours a week in an English speaking environment in order to prepare her for future nursery attendance,as home speaking language is mainly Romanian.
Lisa opened her door to us and tailored her services according to our needs, listening actively to our wishes and preferences. She had a lot of patience with my daughter who is a strong willed individual (like all children at the age of 2) and engages with others, however on her own terms. She communicated effectively with us informing of future planned activities/ outings so we were able to discuss these with our daughter in advance. We were kept updated through an phone application which we found very useful. This helped to ease our anxieties as well, after dropping her off. We were delighted to see pictures of our daughter playing happily. The greatest sign that our daughter felt valuable in Lisa's setting/ care was when she included in her imaginary play Lisa, her family and other kids attending her setting. 

We can't ever thank Lisa enough for her patience and devotion to this profession. She is the first person outside our community who our daughter connected with. 
We are very grateful to Lisa for supporting us achieving the initial goals: enabling English speaking environment and forming positive relationships with others.
We highly recommend Lisa's services!"

"Brilliant childminder" by kknshuti 19/03/2018

​"K*** has been going to Lisa since he was 5 months old (just under a year). We are so happy about the service he receives from Lisa, not only is she kind and caring, she's got so much patient and gives attention to the kids she cares for. Our son is very happy there, he has built good relationship with Lisa and he loves going there. I would recommend her to other mums."

"Fantastic childminder!" by Millard on 18/03/2018

"My daughter is always excited about going to see Lisa and is happy in her care. Lisa has created a home away from home. My daughter has come on leaps and bounds in her care; Lisa is able to recognise where children need support and with parents act together to help keep their development on track. Lisa provides excellent attachment based care and has great organisation. She provides detailed communications including pictures and videos through an easy to use App."

"Brilliant" by tinkerbe 18/03/2018

"Lisa has been looking after my daughter since February (2018) I thought it would be easy on her because she was already friends with Lisa’s daughter as they go to school together.
Lisa is very good with my daughter she always comes home happy."